Classes of Wheels:

  • Straight Sided Wheels not exceeding 250 mm in diameter ( Bench mounted machines only)
  • Straight Sided Wheels exceeding 250 mm in diameter (including relieved and / or recessed wheels)
  • Tapered Wheels.   Bonded Abrasive Discs.  Cylinder Wheels.  Cone Wheels.
  • Cup wheels (including dish and saucer Wheels)  Depressed Centre Wheels.
  • Diamond Tipped.
  • Instructors Details

    NPORS Reg No:

    Andrew Murray

    Current ATP:
    Murray Plant Training Limited (1105)

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The aim of training candidates on Abrasive Wheels is to provide them with basic knowledge and practical skills to NPORS high standard. (National Plant Operators Registration Scheme)

All candidates will be trained and tested by one of Murray Plant Training Ltd accredited Instructors.

Training can take place at your site, if it meets NPORS test criteria or on one of your live sites in a controlled area.

Training of personnel with no or limited experience will be 6 persons per 1 day. Ratio 6:1:1. (6 persons , 1 plant and 1 instructor) which includes theory and practical test.

On successful completion of the NPORS theory and practical test you will be issued with an NPORS Operators card.

Maximum number of persons for an NPORS refresher test   is 6.

We recommend that you need an NPORS operators card to show you are competent on Abrasive wheels.

For further information about NPORS training contact